Hello world!

‘Swimming towards the foggy haze known as ecstasy, I close my eyes, and you are here with me, haunting my every dream….’  ~Cg Brumby

Welcome to my page!

I believe in a unique approach to erotic writing, where I take my readers on a journey to stimulate the senses as they read passionate tales of love, lust and romance. I’ve also written a few taboo stories, (which I found to be fun to write) and am about to publish such a book of twisted tales over on smashwords. Will let you know when it’s due to be released.

I currently have three ebooks published. The Beach House, Taboo Lovers and Thinking of You. As new titles are released, I will let you know when they become available.

I’m a busy single parent with a lot of life on my plate, so forgive me for not being the average blogger who updates regularly. I will do my best. There is more to me than just erotic romance writing. I also enjoy poetry, music and gardening.

I look forward to hearing from you. You can find me on both Twitter and Facebook.

Cheers to fans everywhere!

Cg Brumby