The Beach House

The Beach House is a love story, based on a true story.  Here’s a preview. I hope you enjoy. ~Cg

Three long summers passed, but she did not return. Then the fourth summer he came back, a long black Cadillac pulled up beside the beach house. He watched from the waves to see who would get out of the vehicle. He had almost given up on ever seeing her again, when a woman got out of the car wearing a long green and blue floral print, cotton sun dress with a wide-brimmed blue straw hat. He watched her kick off her shoes. She slowly walked down toward the shoreline to wet her feet in the warm ocean.

She raised her skirt to kick at the waves and tucked the sides up into her knickers. He had never seen her before, but still his heart leapt hoping this time, like all the others, it might be Jeannette.

Sadie barked at the woman on the beach and her tail wagged wildly.

‘Steady on girl,’ Tommy petted his dog to calm her and she licked his hand. ‘You want to go for a surf don’t you?’ Tommy glanced around as the next wave came up upon them. He paddled into it to ride the wave all the way to shore. Sadie leapt from his board making a beeline for the woman, bowling her over. ‘Oh shit!’ exclaimed Tommy, dreading the thought his dog was mauling a tourist.”

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