Writer’s Block: Fact or Fiction?

Taking a new approach to the blogging thing. This is not my speciality, and I hate journals. Funny enough, (for me anyway) things that I hate, often have a way of becoming my strengths. So, I hope I don’t disappoint.

A little while ago, the issue of ‘writer’s block’ came up in a discussion group I am in for writers. The following are my thoughts on the matter, and are not scientifically endorsed or approved by me. They are just my thoughts. I simply thought they might be helpful.

Writer’s block? Can’t find your way to tie up that story? Well, you’re not alone. There are many writers out there that will agree with that. You will probably be upset when I say, that there is no such thing. But with that bold statement out there, there does come a time (in every story’s life) that the author hits a brick wall. That is just your imagination telling you to take a break. Yes, I can’t believe I said that, but it’s true.

Our imagination, (if you’re a fiction writer) can get over loaded, and have a bit of a mental meltdown. Just take a break. Go for a jog or do any other form or exercise to get the blood flowing back to your brain. Each writer’s experience with the condition is unique. You simply need to understand yourself well enough to know the tell-tale signs.

Some of mine include: Staring at the flickering cursor with a blank expression on my face, (I think that is a common one among everyone). Writing any kind of crap that comes to mind – then trying to decipher it later, only to scrap it. Too many thoughts jumping around in my head at the same time, and can’t figure out where to start.

Well this is how I deal with the above. First, if the cursor is bothering you that much – shut the laptop (computer) down and walk away. Get some fresh air. I take a walk. I often find, it’s not long before my thoughts start to come together, and I have an overwhelming compulsion to get back to the laptop. Second, take notes. Yes sounds strange, but brainstorming or talking the theme/setting/plot/characters  over with a fellow literary friend helps get the creative juices flowing again. Third, goes hand in hand with the second.

To summarise if writer’s block is fact or fiction, I think it depends on the writer. If you’re born to be a writer, and all you can think about is telling that amazing story, then it’s all fiction. However, if you find that cursor flickering is too much to bear, get up off your bum. You’re not a writer today. Go and find your inspiration, and after a day if you are still stuck, even after following the above suggestions…I hate to tell you, but you are not meant to be a writer.


One response to “Writer’s Block: Fact or Fiction?

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