Opening the Taboo Vault: Victoria’s Secret

Approaching today’s blog with an incredibly open mind. I hope you can too. Recently I’ve been crossing over with my writing into the unknown, exploring the taboo. Such a task has been a cage rattling experience, but one I find to be a fun journey. Being able to write about something that is completely wild and scandalous, gave me a thrill. It can sometimes do my head in, but I try to focus on physical/human emotion, and draw positive energy from those in the know. Recently, I drafted a story composed of taboo elements. It wasn’t easy to write, (frankly the story is doing my head in) but I can finally see how all the twists and turns will pan out. I am talking about, Victoria’s Secret.

Those who have read the drafted chapters might find it a little shocking. My aim here with this story, was to get inside the mindset of people (I am no judge) who enjoy reading about the taboo. In this case, Victoria’s Secret is just that.

The story revolves around incestuous lust, and where that desire can lead if nurtured. The end result is a conscientious battle for the lead character, Randy.  I thought it would be fun to spice up the typical type of tale with a few wicked twists and turns. Enter, Dr. Jane McNally. A psychologist with a twisted work ethic, who pushes her patient to the brink of insanity, as he fights his conscience. Who is the true mastermind behind the events that unfold? That remains to be seen, and this tale wouldn’t be called Victoria’s Secret for nothing…

I am now working on the crossover, that part between what is sociably right or wrong. The same place where lovers can temporarily escape reality and explore the unknown together. Also referred to as sex (preferably lots and lots of it). Depending on where such a story can be published, I might have to do a slight re-write in order to make the story less scandalous and sociably more acceptable to the wider market. There is never any rest for the wicked. Until tomorrow.



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