Handy Tips: Need More Time for Writing?

Some simple ways in which I ‘steal time back’ for myself and my writing, is to do less, but often. Let me explain. With a busy schedule, you might have a half hour commute to work in the morning, half hour lunch break, and then another half hour commute back home. That’s a whole hour and a half! Take notes, a portable writing device or recorder with you and never miss a moment!

Now for time you can steal while at home. With the Economy the way it is today, if you’re employed, count yourself lucky. But when you’re pressed for time and can’t focus or find enough of it with the chores around the house – out source as much as you can. YES! Hire help.

Get someone else to mow the yard, rake leaves, cook and clean, even wash and iron for you. If you have kids, then it’s a great way to encourage them how to do things for themselves, but don’t forget to reward them with a little something for their trouble. Your own kids are far cheaper as ‘hired’ help, than an actual maid service, who typically charge a minimum hours a week. If that’s a little tight on the budget, then revert to enlisting the help of your kids.

If you’re a single writer, try something like this. Spend either one day a week doing all the chores, washing, ironing etc… Cook up a big enough meal and freeze meal portions for the rest of the week. Sure beats starving, or paying through the nose to have meals prepackaged and delivered (if you do that kind of thing to save time). You’ll also start to see more money in your pocket with all the savings, but I’ll leave all the saving tips for another entry. Devoting one day to the menial tasks to see you through the next week can free up at least another half hour each night that you would have used to prepare your evening meal. While your dinner heats in the microwave, fill your kitchen sink with a little water for your dishes. Less mess, more time. Ta-da!

So that’s about nine and a half hours a week you have ‘stolen’ for your writing! That does not include any spare time on the weekend that you can use. Not bad. You’ll have that amazing story written in no time.







One response to “Handy Tips: Need More Time for Writing?

  1. Getting time do do what is most relivent to ones self is important, I have discoverd the way. I am happy to share it with you, but I caution as in no other bank this one does not give credit. I have a TIME bank, as we go thro life we accumalate time saveing devices, what happens to the time we save, just think our washing machiene saves us time, the automatic toaster saves us time etc ect ect. anything automatic saves time, well when I NEED time I make a withdrawel from the time I have saved. it is that simple ????? or am I

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