When You Say Nothing at All: Silence

A Writer’s Silence….

I’ve been rather busy lately – too busy to even think about this page. My head has really been involved with this story about the Australian History of Bushrangers. I’m even planning a trip to Bathurst and Forbes just to get a feel for the place. I’ve been there before, (many years ago) but feel the need to visit historical buildings etc…

It’s something I do. I love to feel the history in a place that I’m writing about. I’m a highly intuitive person and my imagination is like a sponge. I just have a driving feeling and need to go there, like I am being drawn to the place. I am looking for answers. As a logical thinker, I love to solve mysteries and believe I am onto something big with this story. The romance, danger and intrigue of the time period has me tied up in knots.

However, all this thinking and walking through the pages of time make me very tired. It is a very emotionally draining experience for me.

Also having a bit of a melancholy moment. It will pass, so I’m in no mood to bother with a real ‘blog’ entry… It happens.

In the words of L.M Montgomery, (Author of Anne of Green Gables) ‘Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it..’


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