Authors 1 vs Censorship 0

Since February 2012, the topic of censorship has been a heated debate. Authors, publishers and book sellers have been caught in the firing line between PayPal and major credit card companies. People power has cut through diplomatic red tape. Authors around the world have need to be thankful for the victory that liberates free speech and freedom for the public to read legal fiction. That’s right folks. Authors world wide today are celebrating the lift on the ban of legal fiction!

Earlier in February this year, many Indie Authors and Publishers had their books removed from online stores by online payment processing company, PayPal. PayPal claimed it was being forced into the decision to remove book titles that contained taboo subjects by leading credit card companies. After much deliberation on the matter, petitions were signed by thousands of outraged authors and readers alike to stop the banned sales of legal fiction. This is a great day for free speech. Book selling publishers like Smashwords founder, Mark Corker and Erotic Writer, Selina Kitt were among the thousands of supporters against the ban of legal fiction. Today saw the fruits of their labour as a decision was finally made to raise the ban on legal fiction. The ban targeted and singled out erotic writers, preventing them from publishing and selling book titles that contained fictional material about incest, rape or bestiality. Titles in genres that became affected were taboo stories, supernatural stories, BDSM and even romance. Such a ban could not stand when opposed by so many authors, publishers and readers who enjoy this type of material.

Major credit card companies strongly denied PayPal’s early justification for imposing the ban, claiming they were not behind PayPal’s decision to ban the sale of such books. PayPal has since lifted the ban it imposed on book sellers, publishers and authors.



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