Internet Trolls Who Hide Behind Anonymous Tags

Seriously, this is an issue that is a waste of my time blogging about, but it is a serious issue and one that is fast becoming an Internet crime. I’ve been subjected to phone bombing by an uptight troll (sadly yes I know this person) and now they think they can lash out for personal reasons on my blog.

Congratulations troll!

You are now being tracked and so are your threatening comments, so please – do keep them coming. They make me laugh.

Honestly troll, if you have nothing nice to say on someone’s blog you don’t have to read it. Remember just because you like to hide behind the ‘anonymous’ tag that you think you can’t be tracked down – you’re very wrong!

Save your breath and piss off – that’s right! Crawl back under the hole you crawled out from under and go fester there. Save the world from your useless and pathetic comments. No one is interested in them.

If you hate me or the type of stories I write (or publish on behalf of other authors) that much, then I’m not forcing you to read them. They are there for those who want to read something a little different.  I provide a service for those that appreciate it. Clearly you don’t, and I respect that. I’m not forcing you to read it. The world is big enough for everyone’s beliefs, tastes, likes and dislikes. Just go and sit on yours – please.

And if you think you’re a Christian doing this, think twice about preaching something to someone if you yourself can’t apply and practice being loving first. Abusive trolling comments that are direct personal attacks on a person or public figure (yes, I am a public figure) can land you in gaol. (That’s jail for my American readers, but you don’t have to worry – I am addressing an Australian troll whom I know personally)

Obviously the prudish troll who has been hitting my site to bomb my posts with filthy, abusive and nasty comments – please continue to do so. Your IP address is being tracked. Oh, how silly of me, I’ve already stated that. Chalk one up for repetition. Are we getting the message yet?

Remember troll/s, when you point the finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you. When you brand and label someone a bad parent or threaten to take their child away, (btw the authorities are very interested in your threat to take my child away – you were a dumb-ass to write that on this blog) psychologically, you’re only talking about yourself and trying to project your own insecurities onto someone else for your own failures and fears. Try owning your own issues – troll – and have a go at trying to do what I do. It’s not easy. Go ahead and write something that people might want to read and see if you sell ten copies to family or friends, then let me go and return the evil you’ve shown me all over your hard feckin’ work. How would you like that – hey? Hmmm….not so brave now, are you?

Go and become a parent or a writer and see how hard it really is, then maybe you’ll shut the fuck up and get on with your own life and stop trolling my page.


Apologies to any readers who might have been offended by the language in this post. This issue with this troll person has been going on long enough. It’s time to open the comments for your thoughts on people who troll.  This is an open discussion. Please remember to express you own opinion and do not direct your comments at other members who express their views. This is not a bash the troll or bash the author discussion. Just express your opinions on the matter. Cheers!


6 responses to “Internet Trolls Who Hide Behind Anonymous Tags

  1. No one is perfect and bullying someone because you think they’re wrong is more wrong than their doings. People need to find something productive to do with their time because honestly, people who troll and bully just show how stupid and ignorant they are. What a way to make an ass of themselves, huh?

    • The sad thing I don’t understand about trolls is why would they bother wasting their time posting useless, negative comments on blogs and sites using all their energy to spread hate? It’s so much easier to spread love. Are they so spiteful that they hate seeing someone actually succeed and follow their dreams? People who have a disposition toward trollish behaviour on social media posting negative, abusive or threatening comments ought to have a few dreams of their own and follow them instead of trying to tear other’s down. I feel sad for the trolls who are unable to dream or think creatively for themselves because they are ugly, pathetic, tiny little creatures. Nothing but fleas on a dog – blood sucking parasites.

  2. I think such people are best ignored unless they make any libellous comments somewhere where they can be publicly seen. And even then taking them to court just allows them to damage us by wasting our time and money. If what they want is attention then it behooves us to not give it to them. Many great individuals, from Jesus to Sigmund Freud, have taken verbal or other abuse directed towards them as a compliment. This is the way I take negative comments directed at me, though I’ve never received hate comments of the kind you describe, nor am I in a position for someone to threaten to have a child taken from me.

  3. The best method we have to combat people like that is to take the time to comment, review, and like the posts from the authors we follow. Eventually the positivity will drown out their annoying pissing contest, and they will go away. Good luck, I hate bully’s.

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